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Diana Sprinkle
12 May 1977
Sunny Austin, Texas, United States
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Lamar Middle School - Austin TX (1990 - 1991)
McCallum High School - Austin TX (1992 - 1993)
A. S. Johnston High School - Austin TX (1994 - 1995)
University of Texas - Austin - Austin TX (1996 - 1999)
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Diana X. Sprinkle is my name.

I choose Amegoddess as my LJ name because I needed something and I didn't want to use the other net names I've used before. Also 'ame' means rain in Japanese and my last name is Sprinkle. The 'goddess part was picked because my first name, 'Diana' (Roman) and my middle name, 'Xochi' (Aztec) are both goddess names. Therefor 'Amegoddess.' On the other hand even though I just explained why I picked it I'm sure it still sounds like a spoiled brat's pen name... I didn't realize that until after I'd choosen it. =D

I draw comics... pictures for a living. I'm drawing art, pictures and images for my mad money since I'm having a bitch of a time getting the comics to escape from my brain. I even paid for my very own shiny webcomic site to make me do more comics and it's not working as well as I like. It's not art block though, it's more like stupidity. Thankfully I think if I work at it I might be able to cure it by getting my ass at the art desk and drawing some damn comics. >_<

My current comic noose I'm trying to draw is My Muse, it's a comic with me in it... and yes it's about my issues with the comics but it's great because I'm all mean to myself and pretty much don't pull any punches. Also I've got a tall amazon angel muse and a flying brain and a pretty ego boy. It might even be funny. =]

I'm also posting my old freak baby comic, Saiko and Lavender at the shiny webcomic site. This comic was created with my friends Michael Vega and Daria McGrain. It was a print comic back in 2000-2001 and has been collected into a graphic novel and there was also a special Halloween Spooktacular issue.

I've also done a bunch of comic work back in the good old days...TM... for the Gold Digger Annual, Cyberwerks, Atena, Pervert Club, Ninja High School, Furrlough, Mangaphile, Genus,
Broad Appeal, Grey toning for Bill and Ted from Slave Labor Graphics and some other one's I can't think of right now. I worked for Tokyopop for a bit doing some inking and toning... however things did not go well on it and now I no longer work on that project. The book will probably still come out but it most likely won't use any of the stuff I worked on.

I also drew a one shot comic called True Hue.

My Other Webcomics:
Return to Green Hollow -A fairy tale about a young girl and a spooky forest.
Handle With Care - A cute Delivery boy struggles against his bad luck.

This is my journal! I hope you like it. =]